Workshops, Mentorships and Portfolio Reviews for Photographers!


What do I know about this stuff? 

A great story is unforgettable. There are the ones that make you laugh AND cry, the ones where you learn something that changes you, the ones that give you greater understanding of the world. Telling great stories is important business, and photographs tell stories in the most powerful way. Pictures transcend language and often do what words just can’t. Pictures communicate in a way that is universally understood and for that profound reason, they have long been an object of my affection. 

I’ve spent nearly 20 years studying and practicing the art of Visual Communication. This began while studying at Syracuse University in their Visual Communications program where I concentrated on Illustration and Photography and minored in Writing. It progressed professionally where my experiences have run the gamut from 3 years serving as a marketing manager for major national brands to the last 13 years working as a full time photographer and Reuters photojournalist. Right from the start and through all of these endeavors, my focus has surrounded communicating visually.  

What does this have to do with you?  

Using photographs to communicate a message can share SO much depth about what your company stands for and what you specialize in. The right photographs can attract your company’s ideal clients, transforming a casual scroller into someone truly engaged in your work.  

Through these programs, I teach you how to create more powerful and transcendent photographs. We'll discuss everything from technical tips to how you interact with your subjects. We will even get in to the elements and principles of art as we explore how color theory, light, composition, movement, etc. help communicate the message you want to share. 

So here’s what I offer - 

Portfolio Review!  

Communicating Your Brand Position With Pictures 

Are you looking to refine your portfolio to drive the absolute best version of, "your people" to your business? I provide an in depth look at your body of work, assessing and improving not only the quality of the pictures themselves, but the message they send to potential clients.  

What’s involved?  

- A preliminary homework assignment developed to help us decipher your unique brand position  

- An immersive review of your body of work as it pertains to your brand position (culling the images down to suit your brand's message), and individual image critque, either in person or via Zoom. 

- A comprehensive plan for improving the portfolio moving forward 

Who is this for?  

Portfolio reviews are great for photographers of all skill and experience levels. If you're looking to get fresh eyes on your work and refine the focus of your business to attract the best possible clients, a portfolio review is for YOU.  


Half day, one-on-one workshops specifically catered to what YOU want to learn! 

The camera may be the initial purchase, but education is often the most important photography investment you'll make. Just as a hammer doesn't make a carpenter or a pot make a chef, the camera is simply the tool. 

If you have a camera and are excited about photography, a photography mentorship can help elevate you through the next steps of developing your craft. 

My one-on-one, fully customized workshops cater to your specific goals and give you new tools to take forward. We will work together ahead of the mentorship to define your objectives and I will develop activities for our time together. You'll leave with actionable knowledge to progress your photography to the next level. Workshops are a half day and focuses often include: 

- camera techniques 

- understanding lighting 

- developing a brand and portfolio curation (see above) 

- capturing great storytelling images (see below) 

- editing techniques 

- more! 

Please contact me to schedule your mentorship! 

Storytelling Workshop! 

The Transcendent Photograph - an Exploration of Storytelling in Photography 

What's involved? 

Join me for an interactive conversation about the various photographic techniques that move a picture to the next level - from a technically proficient image to a meaningful and compelling storytelling photograph! Together we will study examples from art history through modern day photojournalism and even our own work to discover exciting ways for YOU to employ the imperative principles of storytelling in to your own pictures so they may breath life years after they're created.  

Please contact me for more details!